The Boardwalk Restaurant


                 Seafood Chowder           

Creamy white chowder loaded with fish and shellfish

Crispy Calimari         

Gluten free with house made tzatziki

Pickle Fritters

Dill pickle spears fried in our gluten free batter and served with ranch dressing

Baked Oysters

3 poached oysters on the half shell topped with asiago cheese

Garden Fresh House Salad

Greens, tomato, cucumber, snap peas, sunflower and pumpkin seeds with house made berry vinaigrette 

Kale Caesar Salad

Local kale, caesar dressing, asiago cheese and gluten free croutons


Oil Poached Halibut 

local Halibut poached in oil served over house made gnocchi and vegetables

Farmers Chicken 

Local boneless chicken in a tomato basil sauce over gnocchi with winter vegetables

Fish n Chips   

Gluten free lingcod, salmon or halibut with house salad kennebec fries and our house made tartar


hot and crunchy salmon, halibut or chicken on corn tortillas, lashed with jalapeno/peach aioli and chipotle paint. Two per plate with house salad and kennebec fries


sauteed in a rich wine sauce and served with fingerling potatoes and vegetables


Braised ribs with house bbq sauce, served with fingerling potatoes and vegetables

Braised Sausage 

Trio of sausages (Lamb, Duck, Italian served over house made gnocchi with winter salad

Kids Stuff

Chicken Strips and Fries

 fish and chips


Kennebec Fries   

Yam Fries  




Asked about are delicious house made daily desserts